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Learn to skateboard with retired pro skater Sammy Baptista & team in multiple locations. All levels are welcome. We teach toddlers, kids, and adults.

Sammy Baptista
Then and Now

Join us as we discover the incredible journey of Sammy Baptista, from his days as a professional skateboarder to his current role as a mentor and entrepreneur, inspiring the next generation of skateboarders to push their limits and chase their dreams.

In this inspiring video, check out the remarkable transformation of Sammy Baptista, a former professional skateboarder who has found a new calling as a skateboard coach. We look into his past, highlighting his successful career as a pro skater, showcasing his impressive skills and fearless attitude that made him a legend in the skateboarding world.
Today, he has taken his passion for skateboarding to new heights by establishing his own business, dedicated to providing skate lessons, camps, and after-school programs. Through his coaching, Sammy is not only teaching the technical aspects of skateboarding but also instilling values of perseverance, discipline, and creativity in his students.

Advantages of Skateboarding
  • Builds Confidence
    Skateboarding builds great confidence in the youth that stays with them into adulthood.
  • Mental Health Benefits
    Skateboarding can offer a range of mental health benefits. Studies have shown that physical activities, including skateboarding, can help reduce stress and anxiety, improve mood, and increase feelings of positivity and well-being. Skateboarding can also promote feelings of accomplishment, achievement, self-efficacy, and self-esteem, improving confidence and overall mental health.
  • Exercise Mindfulness
    Skateboarding requires focus and concentration, meaning that skateboarding can encourage mindfulness and help individuals stay in the present moment.

About the Founder

Sammy Baptista was born in Santa Barbara and was first sponsored at 11 years old by Powell Peralta. At age 14, he was sponsored by Shorty’s Skateboards and was featured in the classic video “Fulfill the Dream”.

Sammy quickly made a name for himself on the skate scene with his technical tricks and creative approach. Throughout his career, Sammy has been featured in numerous skate videos and magazines, showcasing his talent and passion for the sport.

Aside from his successful skateboarding career, Sammy has also been involved in various projects, supporting causes such as empowering the youth through skateboarding.

After retiring from the professional skateboarding circuit in 2013, Sammy has continued to advocate for the skateboarding community and is a source of inspiration for aspiring skateboarders.

Today, Sammy remains active in the skateboarding world as a coach and mentor for the sport. He continues to inspire others to pursue their passions and use skateboarding to impact their communities positively.

Our services
SB Skateboard Academy provides weekday and weekend sessions for skateboard lessons in Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Los Angeles County. We are happy to offer a fun and friendly atmosphere while demonstrating a variety of tricks, along with motivating and inspiring others to learn skateboarding together.
Skate camp is a great way for kids to build their skills and confidence. Learning how to roll with a crew and understanding skatepark etiquette will help them in other aspects of life.
Our retired professional skater Sammy Baptista is running our after-school program. It’s located at Orchid Skatepark in Santa Barbara, which is a private park with indoor and outdoor skateboarding facilities. It’s designed to provide kids with a safe and controlled environment to learn and practice skateboarding skills. Skateboarding is not only a fun physical activity, but it also promotes balance, coordination, and confidence building. It’s a great way for kids to develop new skills and stay active after school.
"Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire, it has the power to unite people in a way that little else does." - Nelson Mendela
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